Gold Show Charm 2009 Vicenza / MAY 16 - 20

Gold Show Charm 2009 Vicenza / MAY 16 - 20

Charm welcomes the fusion between jewelry and fashion, making the new-generation consumer the centre of its marketing concept.

Charm is business, it is image, it is creativity, all for the most à la mode consumer target.

In Vicenza, in May, new directions will make their mark and highlight the cross fertilization of men’s and women’s jewelry segments of the third millennium, bringing style and design to their daily universe: jewelry is the new language that communicates with today’s consumers.

Fine and commercial gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, industrial and hand-crafted silverware, silver costume jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones, natural and cultivated pearls, corals and cameos, wrist and pocket watches, services, trade press. Machinery and equipment for goldware and jewelry manufacture, accessories for goldsmiths and silversmiths. Gemological instruments.

EXHIBITION AREA : 70,500 square metres